Choose your paint coater wisely

When it comes to choosing a paint coater, you want to make sure you make a well-thought out decision. It’s important that you choose the company that will work best for your needs –every company is different.

So, what can (and should) your coater do for you?

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Paint Finisher

1. Options. You want to make sure that the paint finisher of choice has options for you. You want a company that offers liquid coating and powder coating. If you regularly get powder coating, you never know when you might need a part done that requires liquid coating, and visa versa. Getting both done by the same company will streamline the process. It would also help if the company provided even more services for other miscellaneous projects you may have.

2. Paperwork is also a big factor:

  • Shipping
  • Call Truck
  • Certifying
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing

These take a lot of time out of your day. If your coater is asking you to take care of all of this stuff on your own, you might want to think twice. Choose a paint finisher who will work with you through the process.

3. Quality coating. You want to make sure that your finisher assures quality work the first time around. If they don’t have good reviews, or satisfied customers they can refer you to, you may want to avoid using them. Never sacrifice quality for price – it’s rarely a good idea, especially when it comes to paint coating.

4. Great turnaround. Your paint coater should be offering a great turnaround time alongside their quality. If your finisher promises a fast turnaround time, you shouldn’t weigh that lightly. Getting your parts in on time is important. Also, even if their regular rate is quick, knowing that they can offer an expedited ship is also very helpful and useful for future notice, in case of emergency.

5. Proper packaging. In tandem with quick and on-time delivery, you want to assure that the packaging will be in proper order. If anything needs special attention or requirements, the company should see to that.

6. Experienced and knowledgeable. Lastly, you want a coater that has a high level of experience and knowledge of the field and each individual specifications for singular work such as military grade parts. You’ll want a company that knows what they’re doing and have been delivering quality work quickly – and has a great reputation with the military field.

At Production Paint Finishers, we’re dedicated to consistent, quality work that’s done as fast as possible. Consider us for your next coating. 937-448-2627

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