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What To Expect When Searching For Powder Coating

As the decision maker for a manufacturing business that utilizes a great deal of metal parts, you have heard fantastic things about powder coating. While you know that your business can absorb the added costs – the advantages to your customers will far outweigh the small bump in cost due to the increased benefits such as beauty and longevity – you still are not sure what to expect when you are searching for powder coating.

Picture of pre-treatment for powder coated parts

Pre-Treatment for Powder Coating

The pre-treatment step of the powder coating process is one of the most important.  It is never skimped on and high-quality companies never cut corners to try to save money or time. Without following the steps to ensure that the pre-treatment portion of the process is performed correctly, some parts of the metal’s surface could remain unprepared. This, in turn, would negatively affect the smooth and cohesive adherence of the powder coating process.